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Post by Support on Fri Aug 27 2010, 06:02

I forgot to mention that I upgraded my phone to iPhone 4 on the 19 of August (yer bye college money)

What I will say is the camera is amazing, it takes photos really quickly, the quality is amazing, the video recording is great (I think a few improvements to the video recording sound is needed, but the sound is still great). The Flash is also super super bright Very Happy

The front facing camera obviously isn't anywhere near as good quality as the rear camera, however it is still really clear and seems to take better photos than the 3GS's camera.

I haven't yet used FaceTime I will have to phone my friend at some point to try that, I have however used my front facing camera as a mirror (I have friends who like to drawn on my face Laughing)

The screen is amazing it makes the icons on my older iPhone look blurry and washed out.

The battery life is much better than the previous iPhone, and it is much much faster than the 3GS.

I currently don't have any games which make good use of the gyroscope (I am reluctant to buy NOVA for the iPhone as I have already bought it for iPad and well over half way and don't want to replay it all Laughing)

The noise cancelling microphone works well to filter out background noise, so better call quality Smile

The glass back feels really good in you hand and makes it easy to slide in and out your pocket to change songs, quickly check emails etc..

The 3G internet seems to be faster than the 3GS so maybe safari has been improved?

I can't seem to drop bars (and god I have tried) my wifi does seem to drop every now and then (but our ISP has been recently purchased by another and my internet has been dog slow and has dropped out on my mac and PC as well, I am switching to a new ISP and once I have I will let you know if it drops that.

multitasking is really useful, people can skype me without me having to have skype open, and I can be on ebuddy without logging off everytime I want to check my mail or surf the net.

Folders are useful to and I can now have 2000 apps (I don't think 32GB can hold that but who knows Laughing)

I have put the mac aurora background on my iPhone and it looks amazing Very Happy

the microphone and speaker at the bottom are on level with the rest of the steel band and are dipped (this is annoying as dust and dirt ends up in there quickly) also dust ends up in the slight caps where the glass and steel bands meet. The front speaker is also more dipped which looks nicer but also attracts dust which is hard to get out.

You can cut your normal sim into a micro sim as I tried it and it works (however I use the normal microsim from my contract) but I tried it for other people who may want to know.

Overall it is an amazing phone Very Happy

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