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Post by Support on Thu Sep 02 2010, 18:36

iTunes 10 defiantly seems to be much faster (on mac) not sure about windows, it integrates the music social network "ping" and has a new look and logo.

I personly dislike the logo as it looks like something for microsoft's clipart Laughing

I love the new look and ping looks as if it has potential.

iTunes now have their min, zoom and exit buttons vertical:
iTunes 10 Hero20100901

Now that looks familiar:

iTunes 10 Runecats_explorer-99939-7
Now when I did market research for Runecats explorer, all those years back I was told that vertical MME buttons was a good idea. However when it came to the release of it I got extremely bad feedback about it which is why in RE Velo it was removed.

iTunes 10 also seems to be getting similar bad feedback so I reckon it'll go back to normal in the next release.

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