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It's Been a While... Empty It's Been a While...

Post by Lara on Thu Apr 28 2011, 03:52

Hi everyone - I'm back after a bit of a hiatus, but still using REV 1.7! Very Happy Thought it would be nice to come back and catch up with everyone anyway. I'm looking forward to REV 1.8 and can't wait to find out about the "weblications" (? I got that right.) I've tried loads of different browsers over the months and always come back to Runecats (I use 1.7 mostly, but still have Velo on my hard-drive to use for one or two things).
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It's Been a While... Empty Re: It's Been a While...

Post by Support on Sat Apr 30 2011, 04:46

I did write a whole essay but then I accidentally lost what I was writing, so to cut things short:

- Welcome back to the forums!

- I'm glad you are still using Runecats Explorer

- Runecats Explorer has been delayed as we have been trying to push out other projects

- It's also been delayed as we are waiting for for developers to work on their weblications ready to be included in the build.

- Yes internally we do call them weblications, however they will be released as widgets.

- Yes 1.7 still does seem to work the best, Velo is also a very nice lightweight browser still.

I hope you will stay on the forums!

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