Bug or feature? -SOLVED-

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Bug or feature? -SOLVED-

Post by JerMu on Sun Aug 21 2011, 04:49

Here's what happened on my Mac Mini a few minutes ago. I copy & paste the address to a website. By mistake, I type the ↓ arrow (the one you use with the ⇧ key to view the website in smaller characters) and I have the URL of the website I was visiting a few minutes ago. I never noticed this… what?… bug or feature? It only works if you highlight the URL.

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Re: Bug or feature? -SOLVED-

Post by Support on Sun Aug 21 2011, 05:06

This is a feature, once highlighted you can view previous pages by using the down arrow, keep pressing to go further back, then use the up arrow to go back.

I hope this helps!


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