*IMPORTANT* How do I change my password on RClouds?

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*IMPORTANT* How do I change my password on RClouds?

Post by Support on Sun Jan 08 2012, 07:32

It's quite simple send an email to either forgot@rclouds.me with the message header "forgot" without the quotes and in the message itself just write your new password and noting else.

Please note you must use the RuneID email address (the one you used when signing up with RClouds). Once you have sent the message it will be highly encrypted will check the address for phishing and will then get piped to RClouds where it will amend your password.

This can take a while depending on how many requests it is getting at the time it's usually within 48 hours (usually much quicker).

I hope this helps, once it's modified your password you should get an email to confirm this.


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