Changing color of visited links for color blind people - SOLVED -

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Changing color of visited links for color blind people - SOLVED -

Post by Support on Sat Sep 08 2012, 19:39

The other day we were asked how to change the color of all visited links on all web pages, this would be handy for people who are color blind.

So what we have done is create a simple user script which does just that, this will also show the capabilities of user scripting in roccat.

To install a user script simply go to Window > Userscripts from here press the "+" button to add a new one.
enter "*" into the URL Pattern (this is a wildcard so means the script will load on all webpages)

Then paste the user script we created here:

We also support the GreaseKit plugin which supports even more user scripts then our built in one and when you navigate to a user script link like the one above you will get prompted with an install prompt which makes it even easier to install user scripts.

See here for information on installing GreaseKit:

Here are some screenshots showing it in action:


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