[bugreport] dropbox web app broken in Roccat 3.8 for Mac

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[bugreport] dropbox web app broken in Roccat 3.8 for Mac

Post by otak1 on Thu Nov 14 2013, 15:19

[bugreport] dropbox web app is broken in Roccat 3.8 for Mac.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open dropbox.com and login.
2. Go to any folder, Photos, for example.
3. Click on a link button to the right of the line representing the subfolder to get its link. Now it opens in new tab and you can share it it's the basic dropbox functionality.

Expected results:
It encodes the link and opens the folder (as photogallery, in this example). When you copy its URL, anyone can open the same folder in the same place by the link.

Actual results:
404 not found.

Testcases: this test worked correctly in all the browsers including Firefox, old and new Safari, Opera, Chrome, Sleipnir etc. It failed only in Roccat (and Robin).
I can turn off or on the plugins, it doesn't trigger the bug.
It's not a regression, because the same was in every version I've tested.
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