A more passive download manager?

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A more passive download manager?

Post by prQtzl on Fri Aug 15 2014, 12:10

So I like the download manager popup, it's nice enough and does what one expects from a download manager.  But, it keeps coming into the foreground and stealing focus when I'm downloading multiple files … 

Any chance of having it either [a] not opening except when you want to, or [b] popping up for the first file, but not stealing focus once it's open?


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Re: A more passive download manager?

Post by Support on Sun Aug 17 2014, 07:22

Hello prQtzl,

Thanks for your feedback, it's something we'll consider.

It's not however our top priority at the moment, as we're already behind with Roccat 4, so focusing on the current things we're working on at the moment!

Kind Regards,
Thomas Langley (Runecats Support)


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