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Post by Lee on Thu Jun 11 2009, 18:01

Feels awkward being on this forum with angry members but I have to say this:

I would like to apologise for everything I have done that may have upset you or
damage Runecats. I have finally realised why you have copied me and I don't know
why I didn't realise sooner like the old saying says: "imitation is the
sincerest form of flattery"
and the reason you have copied me is because
you like the idea (otherwise you wouldn't copy it). This actually has made me
feel much better about the situation because every time you copy me it is just
telling me that I do something better than yourself and that has made me feel
great! So I thank you for that.

The peace treaty is now useless because it was
mainly about copying and I don't care if you copy me now - so the peace treaty
no longer makes sense LOL. Thank you for finally letting me realise why you have
copied me. I am chuffed that you like my work over your own.[/size]

I hope this situation hasn't caused any permanent
problems. Thanks for reading this...

Lee Bradley,
Program Creation 2009.

PS: Dojan5 you really need to grow up. Your e-mails were unprofessional and immature that's why I blocked your e-mail address.

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I apologise Empty Re: I apologise

Post by Support on Fri Jun 12 2009, 03:11

I got the email version, it's mainly only users who go on the forum so this message really wasn't necessary.

I think that my security feature of making the Admin "me" have to accept new members before they join has quite clearly not worked lol.

I really don't know where you have got the idea I have copied you, as I can assure you I haven't copied anyone.

Have a nice day.

I apologise Roccatfanban

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